Chemical Peels


What are alpha-hydroxy acid peels?
The alpha-hydroxy (AHA) chemical peels are among the most popular of all peels.  These peels enhance the skin by giving a younger, healthier glow, softening the fine lines, and revitalizing the skin tone.

What are alpha-hydroxy acid peels used for?
AHA Peels, ‘lunchtime peels,’ are effective at mild skin rejuvenation and exfoliation, smoothing the skin and improving its texture.  These chemical peels are also used for decreasing acne or age spots.

What kind of results can I expect from an AHA Peel?
One can expect an overall balanced complexion and a reduction of fine lines and age spots. The skin will have a smoother texture, as well as a healthy, youthful glow.

How close together can the treatments be?
AHA Peels can be scheduled at 2 to 4 week intervals, depending on the patient’s skin type and the strength of the peel.

How long does it take until I see results?
Results vary depending on individual skin types and on the strength of the peel. Often times, patients see and feel great results after the first peel, while others require a series of peels for desired results.

How long does a treatment take?
A chemical peel takes approximately 20 minutes.

Are AHA Peels uncomfortable?
One may experience a tingling or stinging sensation along with mild redness, which generally subsides by the time the peel is completed.  The irritation depends on the strength of the peel that the patient and physician decide upon.

How does AHA Peels work?
AHA Peels work by removing the dead skin layer on the surface of your skin, improving the look of fine lines and wrinkles.  AHA peels can also increase cell turn over and improve sun damaged skin.  After a treatment, the skin feels generally smoother and has improved texture.

Will AHA make my acne clear up?
Many patients have reported great improvement in the clarity and overall appearance of their skin.

What are the different types of peels that you use?

Glytone® Glycolic Acid Peel-results may include:

  • Decrease in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Decrease in uneven skin tone and texture
  • Reduction of photodamage

Glytone® TCA-LP System-results may include:

  • Decrease in moderate hyperpigmentation
  • Decrease in fine lines, small scars and coarse wrinkles

Glytone® EL System-results may include:

  • Significant increase in skin firmness around eyes and lips
  • Decrease in fine lines wrinkles and coarse crow's feet
  • Decrease in moderate hyperpigmentation
  • Decrease in dark circles

Before Treatment

  • For 10-15 days prior to the procedure, stop the use of all topical retinoids such as Differin®, Renova®, Retinaldehyde, Retinol products, as well as any drying, irritating, and exfoliating agents.
  • Avoid over exposure to the sun

After Treatment

What to expect after the procedure:
After a chemical peel the skin initially may be slightly pink, however, this fades quickly.  One can resume normal activities immediately after the treatment. One should wear sunscreen and avoid using scrubs and abrasive cleansers.