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By Bayside Laser and Skin Care Associates
October 26, 2018
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Laser therapy is used successfully in dermatology to restore youth and vigor to the skin. A laser treatment called Vbeam is specifically used to target blood vessels that show on the surface of the skin. Find out more about Vbeam, a cosmetic treatment that can be administered by Woman with Clear Skindermatologist Dr. Gerald Newman at Bayside Laser & Skin Care Associates in Annapolis, MD. 

What Is Vbeam?
More patients are seeking ways to make their skin look young and vibrant without invasive procedures that require anesthesia and long recovery times. Laser therapy is one viable solution. One of the newest Innovations in dermatology is called the Vbeam. It issues beams of light to blood vessels on the face and other areas of the body. It uses Pulsed Dye Laser (PDL) technology to target the damaged tissue while leaving the healthy skin unbothered. 

What Vbeam Treats
To see full results from Vbeam therapy, also called photo rejuvenation, you’ll need to visit your Annapolis, MD dermatologist on two or three occasions for treatments. If you have any of the following issues, the Vbeam may help you get the clearer skin you want:

- Rosacea and facial redness
- Sun damage
- Scars or warts
- Stretch marks
- Dilated or broken blood vessels
- Vascular lesions

Vbeam Benefits
The traditional treatments for dilated or damaged blood vessels on the face include sclerotherapy injections and retinoid creams. But these treatments aren’t always very effective, and injections can be painful. With Vbeam you have an increased chance of getting visible results soon after each treatment. It helps tighten and even out the appearance of the skin. You also don’t have to worry about discomfort, burning, or bruising after this procedure. It is important to follow your skin doctor's aftercare instructions closely, including avoiding excessive heat and using prescribed skin products, to ensure the best outcome.

Improve Your Skin
With Vbeam treatments, your Annapolis, MD dermatologist can take years off your facial appearance. Find out if you’re a good candidate for Vbeam laser therapy by calling (410) 224-8001 today for a skin appointment with Dr. Gerald Newman.

By Bayside Laser and Skin Care Associates
March 09, 2016
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Find out if VBeam laser treatment is the right away to remove rosacea-related redness from your skin.

It’s hard to hide problems when they are right there on your face for the world to see. If you are dealing with redness from rosacea, and it has you embarrassed, it’s time to talk to your Annapolis, MD dermatologist, Dr. Gerald Newman, about a new technology that could VBeam improve your skin’s appearance.

What is VBeam?

This dye laser is administered in pulses to treat vascular issues like dilated blood vessels due to rosacea. Sometimes this technology is referred to as a vascular laser because the laser targets the red protein known as hemoglobin that is found within the blood vessels.

Who is a good candidate for this laser skin treatment in Annapolis?

Those who are dealing with skin redness on any part of their face due to rosacea or dilated blood vessels can often benefit from getting VBeam from their Annapolis, MD skin doctor. Besides helping those with rosacea, it can also remove angiomas (small clumps of blood vessels), red birthmarks (also known as port wine stains), warts, scars, bruises and sun damage.

However, this laser treatment isn’t right for everyone. Those who are pregnant, who’ve used Accutane over the last six months or those with a history of cold sores may not be good candidates. However, your Annapolis, MD dermatologist can help you determine which treatment could be ideal for your needs.

What are the benefits of choosing VBeam?

Most patients with rosacea see about a 50 to 75 percent improvement between three to five treatment sessions. Because rosacea is a long-term condition, it’s a good idea to continue getting subsequent treatments about once or twice a year. Other skin conditions, like red birthmarks, may require more treatment sessions.

Are there any side effects?

Bruising tends to be the most common side effect after treatment. You will wear eye protection during your treatment and it’s important that you keep them on to protect your eyes from damage. Other issues like scarring or blistering are extremely rare.

Have questions about VBeam? Interested in reducing your rosacea redness? Then it’s time you turned to Bayside Laser and Skin Care Associates in Annapolis, MD for all of your skin care needs. Call us today!