Want To Improve Your Appearance? Try Botox in Annapolis From Dr. Newman
Botox Annapolis MD DermatologistMany people want to look and feel younger.  After all, there is a certain sense of confidence gained by knowing that you look great for your age.  And when you know you look good, you will also feel good. 
While aging is an inevitable part of life, there are treatments available to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  Botox is probably the most well-known of them all.   In Annapolis, Dr. Gerald Newman provides Botox as the leading treatment for improving your appearance and eliminating wrinkles.  To help you understand this treatment, Dr. Newman has provided information for patients in Annapolis on Botox.

Let’s Take a Look at Botox

Unlike soft tissue fillers that add volume to skin depressions and are used mostly for the lower face, Botox blocks the release of a chemical called acetylcholine, which triggers the muscle contractions that create wrinkles.  Essentially, Botox paralyzes the muscles and stops them from contracting.  Results are visible within several days after treatment.
Botox cosmetic treatments are commonly used to improve unwanted skin lines in the upper half of the face including:
  • Forehead Lines
  • Frown Lines
  • Crow’s feet
Anyone in generally good health, who has fairly shallow fine lines to deeper wrinkles, may be a good candidate for Botox treatments.

How Does Botox Work?

Dr. Gerald Newman explains to his patients in Annapolis that Botox works to relax the contraction of muscles by blocking nerve impulses.  The result is muscles that no longer contract, relaxing and softening your wrinkles.  Typically, it will take two to four days to see cosmetic improvement with results that can last anywhere from four to six months. Patients will require retreatment to remove wrinkles and lines as they begin to reappear, but after each injection the wrinkles return less severe as the muscles are trained to relax and the results last longer. 
The procedure does not require anesthesia and usually takes just a few minutes to perform.  The protein is injected into the muscle using a fine needle in order to minimize discomfort and maximize accuracy.  In order to minimize bruising, you should stop using aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications about a week or two before Botox treatment. 
Contact us at Bayside Laser and Skin Care Associates in Annapolis about Botox to see if you are a candidate.   A consultation with Dr. Gerald Newman can help you achieve a more youthful appearance.