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Photo Rejuvenation - Vbeam® Laser Treatment Annapolis, MD

The Vbeam® uses Pulsed Dye Laser (PDL) techonogy to deliver an intense but gentle burst of light that is absorbed by the blood vessels. It is the laser of choice to treat broken blood vessels, dilated blood vessels, and redness of the face caused by rosacea or sun damage. The Vbeam laser light is absorbed by the blood vessels on the face leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. Usually, two or three treatments are enough to achieve an acceptable cosmetic result. When combined with GentleLASE™ laser for pigmented spots, a photofacial clearing of unwanted spots can be attained. 

Patients may experience increased redness of the face immediately after treatment which usually fades over several hours and is mostly gone by the next day. On occasion, bruising may occur that fades over the next week. Sun exposure should be avoided for two weeks prior and after treatment and is best done from fall to spring when the skin is not tanned.

The Vbeam® is also the laser of choice to treat congenital vascular lesions and may be used to treat unwanted sun damage of the chest, adult angiomas, scars, warts, and new stretch marks.

The Vbeam® is a cosmetic treatment done by Dr. Gerald Newman at Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery Associates of Annapolis and Bayside Laser and Skincare Associates.

For more information on Photo Rejuvenation in Annapolis, MD call Dr. Gerald Newman at Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery Associates of Annapolis & Bayside Laser & Skin Care Associates at (410) 224-8001 today!

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